Welcome to 5C!

Our teacher is Miss Cleary. There are currently 12 girls and 10 boys in our class. We speak 13 different home languages in our class. We love to share our languages and culture with each other; we often answer the registers in our home languages and teach useful words and phrases to our friends and teachers. We have a range of different interests, including science, art, reading, technology and music. We like to share these interests with each other and show our skills and abilities to our friends and teachers in school. 

We are a very hardworking bunch of children! We love to learn and use new skills and like it when we can share our learning with others. We always try our hardest in everything we do and we love to help and support our classmates. We hope we can share some of our fabulous learning activities with you here!

IMPORTANT: Please visit the main Year 5 page for information on home learning.