Year 5B Class Page

Sep 14, 2020

Meet The Class

Welcome to 5B’s page. We are a hard working group who are always making strides to do our best. Our inquisitive and caring nature means we are always supporting each other to learn new skills and apply them in a variety of ways. Within our class we have a many interests, including scientists, mathematicians, musicians, artists and much more. This always makes for interesting discussions and interpretations, which is brought to each and every one of our lessons.

Subjects This Term


During the autumn term, we will be focussing on both place value and calculation skills. We will be using a range of equipment in our classroom to represent calculations and build our confidence when using a range of different methods. To demonstrate our understanding we will then apply our knowledge to problem solving and reasoning tasks. 


Our English topics this half term will take us both into outer space and into our past. First, we will explore the first moon landing and recall the events from the first person recounts of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldridge. Our second text is a fictional journey to the times of World War 1 where a boy observes his father’s dream of being able to fly…but at what cost? 


This term we will be looking at the solar system and where our planet fits on a much grander scale. We will also be taking a look at our neighbouring planets and the roles they play in keeping our solar system turning. In our other unit, we will look at the forces acting around us and how an unbalanced force can be affected by friction, wind resistance and gravity. 


What would it have been like to have lived during the Ancient Greece days? Our unit will explore the gods, the mythical creatures and the morals of living in a culture built around war and sacrifice. 


What is happening underneath our feet right now? This term, we will be looking at how tectonic plates can cause one of the biggest natural disasters we could ever face. Whether it is a small shake or a ten on the Richter scale, earthquakes can be some of the most deadliest events to happen on our planet and we are going to explore where, when and why they happen. 


Many people would love to be a youtuber but we only get to see their finished vlogs. What we don’t see is the planning, editing and publishing, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This term, we will come up with our own content in the hope of becoming the next big thing.

Design Technology

Linked to our English unit, our class will be designing NASA’s next lunar rover, which will consist of a frame, wheels and a motor. The children will have to consider the layout, the purpose and the practicality of their design in order to be chosen to be blasted onto the moon’s surface in search of the next big discovery. 


During our Black History Month, our RE topic will focus on what it means to be a leader. This will involve identifying the qualities of a leader and recognising those people past and present that displayed them. This may be someone close to home, or someone who impacted on our society – Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi to name but a few.  



Each week the children will be given a set of spellings, which will be tested the following Thursday. The children are encouraged to return their completed sheets to earn their Dojo points.

The children also have access to Spelling Shed, an app and online gaming site focussed around securing their age appropriate spellings.


GPS / Maths

The children will receive alternating homework linked to their grammar and maths skills. These activities will link to the learning in class and offer the children the opportunity to consolidate their learning.

The children will also have access to TT Rockstars, which is an online gaming site that helps children secure their times tables. Children should be aiming for 5 minutes per day to make progress.