Welcome to 3H’s class page!

We are 3H. We are so proud of the diverse backgrounds and cultures that make up our class. We speak lots of languages and our families are from countries all over the world. Look at all of the different flags on our display.

In 3H we are kind, respectful people who enjoy learning. We are so lucky in Year 3 that we have lots of extra opportunities to enhance our experience at school.

There are lots of things to remember in Year 3 but we try to keep a routine each week.

This will sometimes change but we will let you know as soon as possible if this is going to happen.

Swimming is on a Monday. 

All children should bring a swimming costume/ shorts and a towel. If children have long hair, they also need a swimming cap. If children want to, they can bring goggles.

PE is on a Wednesday.

Children must bring a full PE kit- shorts, t shirt and pumps/ trainers. Children change in school.

Music is on a Thursday.

This term, we are lucky enough to have Ms White in school every Thursday helping us to sing, dance and perform for our show about the Iron Man.

In school we use Monster Phonics to help us to use our phonemes and graphemes to decode and blend words. If your child passed their phonics check in Year 1 or 2, they will not be in a phonics group this year. Look at our monster sounds! 

Each day we use a visual timetable to help us know what we are doing now, and what is going to happen next. Sometimes this changes, and we discuss this together.

We recognise that it is very important to talk about our emotions and we use the Thrive Rainbow to help us to recognise how we are feeling at different points in the day. Ask us about this, we can use the Rainbow to help us to talk at home too!

Fine motor skills for handwriting:

Children develop their pencil grip as they move throughout the school. The document below shows the different types of pencil grips that are appropriate for each age group: DOCUMENT

Activities to help develop these skills can be found below:

Developing pencil grips

Early pencil skills – following patterns

Fine motor skills

Scissor skills