Hello and welcome to 6P!

The class teacher is Mr Paton and the support staff working with our class will be Mrs Plant and Mrs Kewin.

We are focussed on being outstanding role models for the rest of the children in our school and are committed to showing the maturity, kindness and thirst for learning that will allow us to flourish during our final year in Kensington Primary. We also want to enjoy our time in school and will strive to make the most of each and every day. 

This term, we are particularly committed to developing our reading skills and will be completing Reading Plus and RM5 every day. In maths, our focus is on place value and calculation. We will consistently be working on developing our reasoning and problem solving skills. In English, we will use the stories of Ann Frank and Rose Blanche to help us improve our writing. In our other subject areas, we are excited to learn about the circulatory system, Fairtrade and Christian and Humanist values amongst a wide array of other fascinating topics. 

Our P.E. day is Thursday.