As part of the curriculum we will explore and develop all our skills across all areas of learning. We
will also be supporting children’s learning through interventions such as Time to Talk (a social skills
group), speech and language projects including colourful semantics, Finger gym (to develop physical
skills to support writing), Think yourself great (Summer term PSED based ) and Numbers and
Patterns (supporting mathematical development).

We ensure that our children receive a broad and rich curriculum with a balance of child initiated
learning and focused teacher inputs. It is important that children learn through play and that they
develop a love learning and an inquisitive mind.

Each child has a key person allocated to them and they will work with them to build relationships
and develop confidence alongside key skills.
Key worker time is a chance to express themselves and share their thoughts, ideas and interests. A
key person is a named member of staff with responsibilities for a small group of children who helps
those children in the group feel safe and cared for. The role is an important one and an approach set
out in the EYFS Framework. It involves the key person in responding sensitively to children’s feelings
and behaviours and meeting the emotional needs by giving reassurance and supporting the child’s

We will have PE on a Tuesday morning.

Mr Kenny, Miss Mason and Miss McDonald work primarily in RM, RT and RP but work across the
year group to support interventions.

Letters for Parents

Home Learning

Please find below activities for children to complete at home. Play the game ‘phonics pop’ using the sounds  s, a, t, p, i , n, m ,d, g Play the game ‘fishy phonics’ to practice your blending. 

Follow the guide below to help you to access the ‘evidence me’ app for all of your child’s learning tasks.

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