At Kensington Primary School our aim is to inspire our pupils to develop an appreciation and understanding of the past, evaluating a range of primary and secondary sources. Our pupils will be able to explain clearly how these sources enable them to see how people around the world once lived and how these interpretations may differ.

The history curriculum at Kensington Primary School is carefully planned and structured to ensure that current learning is linked to previous learning, and that the school’s approaches are informed by current pedagogy.  Pupils are provided with opportunities to be independent, open minded and curios inquirers, that can reflect on the past and make significant links to the present day.

 As a result pupils will:

  • Develop their historical skills, concepts and knowledge
  • Increase their understanding of the present in the context of the past
  • Develop their interest in the past, enhancing their curiosity and motivation to learn
  • Develop and use their skills in enquiry, analysis, evaluation, and argument
  • Develop a sense of identity through learning about the past

The History curriculum at Kensington Primary School will immerse pupils in a variety of cultures and will enable them to develop an enquiring and critical outlook on the world. Our pupils will develop skills that can be applied in other subjects and in their future learning.



At Kensington Primary School we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school by ensuring high standards of teaching and learning in history. History is taught as part of a half termly topic, focusing on knowledge and skills specified in the National Curriculum.

At Kensington Primary School we aim to ensure that history has the same importance given to it as the core subjects, as this is essential in enabling all children to gain ‘real-life’ experiences.  We encourage regular references to timelines and how topics fit together as well as a hands on approach involving artefacts for our pupils to explore. We also provide opportunities for our pupils to take part in stimulating and exciting WOW experiences. This brings history alive to our young learners.  



The impact and measure of this is to ensure that pupils at Kensington Primary School are equipped with historical skills and knowledge that will enable them to be ready for the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and for life as an adult in the wider world.

Through pupil voice our pupils will be able to talk about the skills and knowledge that they have acquired. They will be engaged in history lessons and want to find out more. Pupils will complete research independently and to further their own enjoyment about the topics they study. Work will show that a range of topics are being covered, cross curricular links are made and differentiated work set as appropriate. Our school environment will reflect a love of learning and enjoyment in history through displays resources and vocabulary. Assessments and monitoring will show standards in History will be high and will match standards in other subject areas.

At Kensington Primary school we want our pupils to have thoroughly enjoyed learning about history. It is through being educated about past events and bringing them to our pupils present that their futures can be shaped..