The teaching in Kensington Community Primary school strive to ensure that all Geography lessons taught throughout the whole school are inquiry based and promote independent learning.

Geography is an exciting topic within our school. Each term and every year group will have a key question to answer, e.g. what makes the world angry? The children, along with their teacher will inquire and investigate their question.

We have a Geography corner within our library to which children are encouraged to use the World map, interactive map, research countries and their flags using computers/ipads/ books and complete work that has been put into the corner by the subject leader. It is imperative that our children become aware of the world that we live in, not only in terms of our location in the world but also what life is like in different countries.

Throughout the school both the physical and human features of geography are studied as well.


Mission statement:

At Kensington Primary school, Geography is a time for children to learn about a range of different places and their localities. Children will explore the world around them through artefacts, maps and images. Children will learn to describe places through studying Liverpool, London, other locations in the UK and international locations, such as North and South America, France and Spain. It’s a time when children learn about their potential impact on the environment. Children will study the human and physical features of geographical locations and with the new curriculum, GIS.